Thursday, 6 November 2008

Spiced Bath Buns

Bath Buns seemed like a good idea and I found this info on the Bath city website:

The invention of the Bath bun has been attributed to Dr. Oliver whose patients loved them so much that their waistlines expanded at an alarming rate so they were quickly replaced with the savoury Bath Oliver biscuit ... The buns were originally a brioche or rich egg and butter dough topped with crushed caraway seed comfits. Today's Bath bun is made from a sweet yeast dough and is sprinkled with crushed sugar after baking and often has a sugar lump in the centre of the bun.

Didn't fancy sugar in a bathmelt so I used Himalayan Pink or Atlantic salts, depending on the colour of the bun. I also like bath melts to have some fizz - it disperses the butters and oils better IMHO.

This one is Spiced Orange, it has orange and spice essential oils with a clove stuck in the centre.

Grapefruit & Cardamon - self descriptive really.

When I made the first batch for testers to try out I used a large serving spoon to shape the mixture. The feedback told me that the fragrance and dispersal was great - but they were too big!

Luckily I went to a Food Fair the same week and found a Pampered Chef stand - there was a diddy traditional style icecream scoop and it's just the right size to make these buns.

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