Sunday, 28 December 2008

Soap Mould from Germany

Corrie of Lomond Soaps (see blog list) arranged the purchase of some of these partitioned moulds from Germany so I tried a batch of HP Castille.

I put my soap into the mould end of the afternoon and demoulded about 10.30pm (went out to eat with Child and S in Shotton on (the unroyal) Deeside.

I used 1300 oils (olive with bit of coconut for Castille) but will have to arrange crockpot (5.5ltre) the other way round next time as I couldn't lift it to pour the way it was and had to use a ladle - so despite banging a few times the batter didn't level completely.

When I pushed the dividers down the edges of the soaps curved downwards - so they've not sunk in the middle at all.

De-moulding was no problem 'cos it's cold in the utility and I just pushed the soaps down and out.

Parchment had wrinkled on the base - I'll cut a piece of teflon oven liner to fit before next lot. The tops of these will have to be planed but if I'm making a scrub soap I'll sprinkle a layer of oatmeal or whatever on the top.

On second thoughts perhaps I won't plane the tops - it's quite a nice texture and there's a potential here for swirling (my HP soap batter is quite fluid as I add Sodium Lactate at trace.