Sunday, 22 November 2009

More Felt

After a not very good fair Ive plent of stock left so I thought I'd mak some extra stuff for the next fair in Llangollen on the 28th November. With plenty of soap and toiletries and my ever present Corn Dollies it had to be felt - so I've made a few handbags using the seamless technique.

The one above is in dark blue dyed merino with white Shetland cobwebbing - I've one more of the bar and circle toggle fastening but have discovered that the supplier doesn't stock them any more (bit of a B - it's a nice fastening).

The one below is in black dyed merino with grey Suffolk and a touch of white Shetland. Both bags have no sewing or glue - I've attached fastenings and needle felted embellishments by needle felting.


This one has already been claimed so I've nearly finished a similar one - but I've used Black Welsh Mountain instead of the dyed merino - so it's all natural coloured fleeces.

I did try a white and pink pod style bag - but I'm not happy with it and it's destined for the bin I'm afraid!