Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bath Meringues

I really ought to get down to adding pics of stuff which I make so here are some of my Bath Goodies. I was playing around with oils, butters and an icing pump when it struck me that bath bombs could look like meringues

This is
Tess - a Bath Meringue (two halves of Bath Bomb sandwiched with fizzing buttercream melt) - the fragrance milky and creamy with a tiny hint of vanilla. You'll find her at the webpage linked in the post title

I have some lovely raw Cocoa Butter with bits of really dark cocoa solids in it so choccie meringues are in the pipeline (not sure about putting cocoa powder in the bath bomb mix though - could leave a rather mucky tideline on the bath sides)

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Purple Sparkle said...

I love these, how gorgeous!! You're so talented. Thank you very much for the comment on my blog :-) Becky x