Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Body Scrubs

I've recently had certification for oil/butterbased Cleansers and Conditioners (rinse-off); I thought my Fruity Scrublets where pushing the boundaries of my salts/oatmeal based Infusions for Bath or Shower a bit far.

This is Raspberry & Coconut Scrub - it has raspberry powder, fine dessicated coconut and fine demarara sugar as the scrub with coconut oil, babassu oil and raspberry seed oil - I may add raspberry and coconut essences (don't use FOs) depending on what the testers report back after trying out samples.

The PET kilner style jars aren't cheap - but neither are most of the ingredients so I don't think deli-pots would suit the image.

So now I'm considering going for SA on leave-on Balms and Butters (but not creams and lotions despite some people's efforts to persuade me - I even had a couple of samples of emulsifiers popped in with an order for butters and oils!)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Felted Soap

Last week I decided to see how my bars (made in Gracefruit's excellent mould) of Hot Process soap stand up to being covered with felt and this is the one I made.

I'm quite pleased with the result.

Felted soap gives you a washcloth and soap all in one; it floats in the bath and is easier for people with a weak grip to manage. It does like to have a well draining soap dish (I've seen some US felted soaps with felt hanging loops which have not been sewn on - I haven't yet worked out the way to do this.

If you're comfortable with the way wool fibres behave when felting and want to have a go there's an excellent tutorial on this soap and candle making site.

His term the Wet Cat Stage - is very apt - the wool does go a bit willd before it settles down to shrink!