Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Two More Products

I've been selling bath salts at the Produce Market since the spring - but only just got around to packaging (thanks Corrie) and putting on the website ! Not good with Christmas beginning to loom on the horizon.

They're scented with blends of eassential oils in the fragrances of the three most popular soaps and are a mix of Dead Sea and Sea salts with Epsom Salts.

After that I came up with the idea for another bath product - initially this was going to be scented bath milks in the same fragrance range but then it became much more complex and Shenina Bath was born.

Based on beautifully fine Dead Sea salts there's Goat's Milk and Yoghurt powders there also and the same blends of Essential Oils.

Both have those little wooden scoops included.