Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Part 1 of Hols 2008

Holiday pics from Dorset (for the Fresholettes who said they wanted to see them); we stayed in
The Spyway Inn Askerswell - well away from the main road but great food.

I'll spare you all Jones' steam, plane and tractor pics (except for one which is relevant re why I was googling and printing the other night - acksherley it will be in Part2 or even Part3).

Travelling down we took a detour into Wiltshire to see a steam and vintage rally then into Dorset via Shaftesbury - first pic is of a street in Shaftesbury which is supposed to be really picturesque - reckon I've seen better.

The second pic is of
Larmer Tree Victorian Pleasure Gardens - lovely place to wander around and on the same day we went flying a kite up by the Hardy monument (3rd pic) which looks as though they forgot to put something on the top when it was built. Long views out to sea with Portland Bill in the far distance.

The Swannery at
Abbotsbury is a lovely place to visit - but quite pricey, even with OAP concessions!! Loads of Swans with the ubiquitous Canada geese and quite a few coots. I tried to get a pic of a cygnet upended - but s/he kept bobbing back too quickly. The composite pic is made of some I took of a baby coot who was swimming round in circles after having been left behind by the others.

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