Thursday, 19 June 2008

More Hols - Bicton Park (Devon)

(click on the photos to see a larger image)

One day we took a trip over to Devon to see what Bicton Park had to offer - we were particularly interested in the Rural Museum and the Rose Garden; the museum was pretty good (can put some of Jones' pics up if anyone really wants to see them) but the rose garden was just a border of David Austen roses - I was expecting some of the older varieties to be there.

The grounds were beautiful though and we took a ride on the little train through the woodland area where there was a goodly number of Champion Trees (hadn't come across this classification before - apparently they're the best example of the type in the UK). Too much vibration on the train for taking pics though.

After disembarking we found the museum and I was out before Jones and found the Camelia and the late Rhodie then walking through a wooded part I came across a mimosa tree - not the bright yellow of the mimosa you find in florists' shops though - and it smelt just like Helen's mimosa wax!

After the disappointing rose garden I was feeling particularly hot (especially my feet - would have loved to paddle in the pond) so I wandered up to the tearooms for an ice cream (Purbeck Icecream - delicious stuff) while Jones went into the tropical house. The pic is a Prickly Pear in flower.

One of the pigeons decided it was time for a cool bath - then another came to shower under his/her armpit.


Croap Queen said...

Looks beautiful EJ. Must tell my Mum & Dad about it - we love going to NT places or parks like that when we need to get away for a while!

helen said...

What lovely flowers, you certainly are a wonderful photographer. Interesting about the aroma of the mimosa is the same as the wax.

briallen said...

Forgot to say that the camelia pic is onr of Jones's - mine was out of focus.

I thought the mimosa aroma was the same as that of the wax - but, of course, I didn't have the wax with me to compare.

I've a water garden to put up yet JJ - bit nearer your area!