Thursday, 22 January 2009

February Offer

There's a substantial discount on my latest scrubs - but you'll need to find the password from a link on this page - Happy Hunting!

A refreshing facial pick-me-up with gentle exfoliation from the cardamon powder, ultra-fine Scottish oatmeal and golden caster sugar and the emolliant properties of babassu, coconut and jojoba oils which ensure that your skin will remain soft and smooth all day.

This highly moisturising body scrub obtains its lovely colour from the Cornmeal and Mango powder exfoliants. Mango Butter and a blend of oils including Papaya Seed Oil are there to give your skin that pampered feeling.

A vigorous salt-based scrub with Himalayan, Dead Sea and Atlantic salts in a base with Kokum Butter and Black Seed oil - a sumptuous and exotic scrub with a spicily fragrant blend of Essential Oils.

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