Sunday, 28 December 2008

Soap Mould from Germany

Corrie of Lomond Soaps (see blog list) arranged the purchase of some of these partitioned moulds from Germany so I tried a batch of HP Castille.

I put my soap into the mould end of the afternoon and demoulded about 10.30pm (went out to eat with Child and S in Shotton on (the unroyal) Deeside.

I used 1300 oils (olive with bit of coconut for Castille) but will have to arrange crockpot (5.5ltre) the other way round next time as I couldn't lift it to pour the way it was and had to use a ladle - so despite banging a few times the batter didn't level completely.

When I pushed the dividers down the edges of the soaps curved downwards - so they've not sunk in the middle at all.

De-moulding was no problem 'cos it's cold in the utility and I just pushed the soaps down and out.

Parchment had wrinkled on the base - I'll cut a piece of teflon oven liner to fit before next lot. The tops of these will have to be planed but if I'm making a scrub soap I'll sprinkle a layer of oatmeal or whatever on the top.

On second thoughts perhaps I won't plane the tops - it's quite a nice texture and there's a potential here for swirling (my HP soap batter is quite fluid as I add Sodium Lactate at trace.


Lomond Soap said...

Looks like HP was quite easy to do in these too. I think you could get some very nice swirls by running a palette knife around a few times. Looking forward to seeing more!

Barrs By The Bay said...

oh this is wonderful, and hp in the cp too!! i want one of these molds and i wonder if you'd explain this sodium lactate to me? :) i would love to swirl and color, but my batter is sooo gloppy, i can't even imagine doing so! happy new year and thanks for sharing!

briallen said...

The best description of what Sodium Lactate does and how to use it in HP in on the gracefruit blog. Take a look at

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I like the texture. Interesting!

briallen said...

Texture ia "as it came" Mary. You're never going to get a completely smooth top on HP - but for some reason my HP is not as rough a soap as most are.

With this mould there is a bigger area of "top" than with a log - so I'm going to have to work on making it a feature (have some orders to do first though before I can experiment).