Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Body Scrubs

I've recently had certification for oil/butterbased Cleansers and Conditioners (rinse-off); I thought my Fruity Scrublets where pushing the boundaries of my salts/oatmeal based Infusions for Bath or Shower a bit far.

This is Raspberry & Coconut Scrub - it has raspberry powder, fine dessicated coconut and fine demarara sugar as the scrub with coconut oil, babassu oil and raspberry seed oil - I may add raspberry and coconut essences (don't use FOs) depending on what the testers report back after trying out samples.

The PET kilner style jars aren't cheap - but neither are most of the ingredients so I don't think deli-pots would suit the image.

So now I'm considering going for SA on leave-on Balms and Butters (but not creams and lotions despite some people's efforts to persuade me - I even had a couple of samples of emulsifiers popped in with an order for butters and oils!)


Croap Queen said...

You're so good at all this EJ. Please go for the leave-on SA.

Helen said...

Gwaaan EJ, you know you wanna - I anticipate the wonderful creams with all their combinations that can only come from an EJ :o)

Your scrubs are the most fantastic and they are certainly excellent value because there is absolutely no need whatsoever to moisturise after using them. They rinse away beautifully leaving behind just enough goodies to give your skin a baby-soft feel. They are always novel and I particularly love to use them on my clients as they are most excellect for very dry feeties. Talking of treatments, this latest version will be excellent because you can decant just what you need according to the area being treated!!


briallen said...

Thanks people.

Leave-on SA is very probable but creams and lotions are definitely not!