Thursday, 18 December 2008

I'd had an enquiry about a felted soap to give to an Irish girl (in the end the buyer opted for Midwinter and Lemon, Glycerine and Honey) so I set out to devise a fragrance and name.

I decided to base the fragrance on Bog Myrtle (checked out where it grew in Ireland) and thought of Peat Bog Fairy (after the folk group - until I checked out Peat Bog Fairies and discovered they came from Skye!).

Still on the Fairy theme I decided on something to do with the Sidhe (pronounced Shee) the Fair Folk of ancient Ireland who retreated into a differnet dimension and inhabit the green mounds.

Ard na Sidhe is Mound of the Fair Folk - the soap has silk, green clay and Bog Myrtle EO.

Bog Myrtle has a long standing reputation as an insect repellant and recent studies have shown it to be effective in treating acne.

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